A jolly jaunt around Charlecote and Hampton Lucy

June’s edition of Warwickshire Life contained a rather jolly jaunt from the parson and the publican…

On of their regular wanders brought them to Charlecote Park, St Peter’s ad Vincula and The Boar’s Head in Hampton Lucy. A lovely wander indeed! The Parson notes some particular things that caught their attention during their day trips. They included our brew house, the wonderful oak fence (as recently restored by Cleft Wood Co) and  meeting friendly volunteers.

These stewards are one of the joys of visiting National Trust properties. Always welcoming and informed they seem to know when to make themselves available and when to stay in the background.

They also mused at how long it must take to dust our impressive sideboard (buffet) in the Dining Room. Well – our House Elves will testify – it is a big job!

Clening Buffet1

Below is some extracts from the article that we have enjoyed reading and thought you might too…


No doubt they also saw, although did not visit, Charlecote Mill which is just around the corner to us in Hampton Lucy. If you go on a similar jolly jaunt, we’d recommend you pop in there if it is open – it is where we get our flour that is sold in the shop!


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