Summer fun with Charlecote’s #CheekyCharlies

Summer is just about here and we’ve got lots of outdoor fun for families! Getting out doors and closer to nature is something that we love to do. We are passionate about getting our kids outdoors too! According to Project Wild Thing time spent outside in nature increases happiness, health and well being in children (and adults too!). We have a great park to explore, so what are you waiting for?

To entice you outside I’d like to introduce you to Charlie and his friend Lucy…

CC_in a tree

Charlie (brown mouse) and Lucy (white mouse) are two of our cuddly critters. They live here at Charlecote and being so tiny they are able to get into all those nooks and crannies – indoors and out! They know the park very well and have made friends with all the creatures who call Charlecote ‘home’. They are the perfect guides to show you more of our estate.

This August Charlie and Lucy are inviting you to come and explore with them. They’d like you to meet their pig, sheep, bee, bug and deer shaped friends. When you’re here you’ll also get the chance to make fun things too – things you’ll be able to take home as a memento!

Children's club in full swing last summer

Children’s club in full swing last summer

Every Thursday afternoon in August we’re hosting our Charlecote Children’s Club. The best thing about it for you grown up’s is that there is absolutely no cost – yes, once you’d paid your normal admission (which is, of course, free if you’re a member) you’ll pay nothing for the activities.

Between 12noon – 3.30pm on each Thursday the Children’s Club will take you on a nature exploring adventure. We have different activities each week – all with a wild theme. You’ll get to meet our pigs, build a bee hotel, become a junior park ranger and MORE! No need to book in advance, just turn up any time between 12 and 3.30pm to join the fun. To help you with your summer planning we’ve created a handy calendar with our events – download it here.

We’d encourage you to give us a follow on twitter and facebook as we’ll be sharing news and photos each week. Charlie and Lucy will also be leaving some clues as to what activities are planned in run up to the club. Our tweets and messages will use #CheekyCharlies, so do take a look!

What on earth are Charlie and Lucy doing?!

What on earth are Charlie and Lucy doing?!

We would love to see photos of your families enjoying the days activities so share them with the same hashtag. Many of the hands-on craft activities will mean you get some thing to take home, be it a bird feeder or a Jacob Sheep mask, perhaps take a photo of your memento at home to show us.

We’ve also got a some cuddly critters hiding in the house if you can find them as well as number of other events this summer. We’ve Heartbreak productions – Dracula, tractor rides, photography workshops and a bat walk. Keep an eye on our facebook page and website for more info!

Charlie and Lucy – and the whole team – are looking forward to seeing you over the summer!


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