An Extraordinary adventure: Outdoor theatre at Charlecote Park

It can’t get much better than kicking back on a picnic rug with a glass of fizz watching an outdoor theatre performance with a stunning country house and deer park as a back drop!

This year we are thrilled to be inviting back local travelling theatre company – Heartbreak Productions. We have enjoyed many of their shows in the past and this years offer is set to be a corker!

Med Hatter (Nathan Smith) / Meg Wilson

Med Hatter (Nathan Smith) / Meg Wilson

In just a few days the team will be here for a very special tea party in honor of Alice’s Birthday. Dani Carbery has adapted Alice: An Extraordinary Adventure, originally penned by Lewis Carroll, into a captivating treat for families to watch. You’re invited to join us as we enter a dream like world of games, colour, music and rhyme. But you might want to hide from the crazy, croquet-playing Queen with very little heart and a short temper!

The show takes place on Saturday 13 July at 6pm. If you’ve not got your tickets yet buy them online or by calling 0844 249 1895. There will be some available on the night but we recommend booking in advance to avoid any disappointment.

We advise you to bring low-backed outdoor seating or picnic rugs as well as a warm jumper or jacket. The temperature can dip as the evening goes on. Heartbreak performances continue in all but the severest of weather conditions – we are usually very lucky but do bring waterproofs just in case!

Here is a little sneak peek of the show…

Oh and I have been asked to warn you about a tart-loving, picnic stealing knave!

A little later in the year we’ll have Heartbreak back for a chilling performance of Bram Stokers ‘Dracula’ adapted by David Kerby Kendall. From what we’ve heard it is a thrilling, with a daring and sexy approach to the iconic Gothic novel… Intrigued? We are! You can buy tickets now for the performance on 17 August (using the same booking telephone contact as above).


Our little #CheekyCharlies like the look of this show…


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