Ghost trees across Warwickshire

The Ghost Tree Project (Photograph by carruthersandcresswell)

The Ghost Tree Project (carruthersandcresswell)

If you have visited our park recently, or indeed wandered anywhere across Warwickshire, you may well have spotted a number of trees with unusual red markers in the branches. These trees are special. They are ghost trees.

Ghost Trees are, quite simply, dead trees. They are incredibly important to our countryside as they provide a home for a rich variety of insect and animal life. They can also be quite beautiful and majestic.

Carruthers and Cresswell are the two artists behind this local project. Together they have secured funding from the Arts Council and Heritage Lottery Fund in order to carry out their work. They are interested in highlighting the natural world and its importance, as well as key issues such as sustainability and ecology. Their interests are very similar to our own in that respect and we are pleased to be able to play a small part in the Ghost Trees project.

Ghost tree at Charlecote Park

Ghost tree at Charlecote Park

I say a small part because the Ghost Tree project aims to tag 100 trees! You can see how they are getting on, and whether any are near you, in this map…

Want to know how the team managed to get the pennants in the trees? Watch this great video clip to find out…

If you are interested in meeting the artists and finding out more, pop along to one of these Warwickshire Open Studios events this week!


More info on Ghost Tree Project: 20130704154420


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