Mystery object no longer a mystery…

We have many, many items in our kitchen here at Charlecote.  It is jam packed with interesting and mundane pieces of crockery, plates, pots and pans. Some of their functions are very obvious – others make us think a bit harder. Such as this one!


When asked what it was for, we were stumped! It is about 4 inches long in total and looks as if it could have created
ridges or lines in something, or been used to break up something solid. Not convinced we had the answer,  we posted a photo of the mystery item on twitter  and invited suggestions.

Our followers certainly are a clever bunch and we were soon in receipt of  various ideas.

It just so happens we found an answer – but a little closer to home! One of our own volunteers has helped us and identified that it is for softening butter! The metal parts are warmed up, probably in hot water, and then rolled or pressed over the butter to soften it for spreading, baking and so on.



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