Come and see our pigs!

Last week we opened our piggy area to visitors for the first time. This marks weeks of hard work from not only our team but also NFU Mutual who joined us for a day to get the area prepared and built their house!

21.06.13_First Visitors 1

The area is just behind our stables so we hope you’ll come along and say hello. We have 4 girls – all Tamworth pigs. They arrived about a month ago and have settled into their new home very well. They love nothing more than a good scratch from our park team and have even been known to enjoy a kick about with a ball!

2013.05.25 Piggis in the sun_RW

Funnily enough, we stumbled across this wonderful cake that has been shared on facebook. We just need one of our talented team of bakers to create it for us. Looks yummy, don’t you think?! If you would like the recipe, just click on the image below.

pigs in mud cake

You can see more photos of our adorable pigs on our facebook page.


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