Mrs Beeton: by Cragside House

It has been a little while since we have shared recipes and news of the Victorian Kitchens here at Charlecote. Let me assure you that the kitchens are still in full working order and our team of volunteer cooks are still working hard! Just a few weeks back one of our Friday cooks had a go at creating some very tasty iced buns. I think that recipe is going up the ranking to one of our most favourite recipes and we keep asking her to make another batch!

Iced buns

But where do we get our recipes from you might ask. Well, we owe a lot to the wonderful Mrs Beeton. Our friends at Cragside House, Northumberland have recently written a blog about the illustrious lady so I will let them tell you more…

I wrote a week or two ago about the Victorian Baking days we run at Cragside, where volunteers dress as kitchen maids & cooks and make authentic recipes in front of visitors in the Kitchen. Although the recipes are tweaked depending on the availability of ingredients, they are based on genuine recipes found in Victorian cookery books. The most famous Victorian cookery book (although it contains much more than just cookery) is Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management, and a few of our recipes are based on recipes from it.In this post I want to focus on Mrs Beeton, and the story behind her incredible success.

Isabella Mary Mayson was born in London in 1836. Her father died when she was  young and her mother was remarried to a man called Henry Dorling who was clerk of Epsom Racecourse. Isabella married Samuel Beeton, a childhood friend who went on to become a publisher of numerous books and magazines, in 1856.

Isabella began writing articles for her husband’s publications after…

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