National Volunteers Week 2013

From 1 – 7 June each year we celebrate our volunteers who give so much to our work in National Volunteers’ Week. It is a week marked by many volunteer organisations, not just us here at the National Trust. We’ve been posting pictures of our volunteers on our twitter feed each day of the week to show the huge variation in their work here at Charlecote. With almost 350 volunteers we just couldn’t achieve half of what we do with out them, their hard work and commitment.

From bee keeping to photography, room guiding to buggy driving, they do it all. This past year has been dominated by large projects including our rewiring works. Our volunteers have been involved in all aspects of our work and have been monumental in helping to pack away the collection, get it back in place again and also helping us to explain the works to our visitors.


So – as National Volunteers Week draws to an end for another year, we will not stop saying thank you throughout the year, but we just take a moment now to look at what we have been able to do with our volunteers and pause to think ‘wow!  Aren’t they amazing?!’. Our biggest thanks to all of our volunteers.



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