A refreshing time at the Green Knowledge Café

Last week I had a day out of the office and travelled into Birmingham. I was attending the first ‘Green Knowledge Cafe‘ organised by our wonderful Museum Development Officer, Glynis. It was a chance for all of the venues taking part in the ‘Greening Museums’ project to meet each other and share where we are currently at each of our places. We vary from small volunteer organisations – like our neighbours at Chedham’s Yard to large spaces such as the Coventry Transport Museum.


We were treated to a top notch lunch and interesting talks from;

  • Northfield Eco – who had carried out our assessments earlier in the year. They talked us through the reports and how to interpret the thermal images. We also found out more about the Green Deal.
  • Smarter Working WM – a European Union funded initiative to help small businesses work more effectively with regard to their energy and productivity.
  • DTA Wales and Touchstone/Energy Action Group – about buying energy together and using energy brokers to get us the best deals on our energy costs. It was helpful to hear advice on how to read our energy bills correctly too!

You can see the presentation slides on the dedicated blog – Museums: Going Green.


Me, looking slightly scared. Why? There are huge spiders in our cellar!!!

On the Marches Network blog there is a piece about the day.

“The need to increase green measures across the region is something that MDOs have been working towards within their sphere of heritage sites.

A recent Green Knowledge Café event was the first event of its kind to bring together 13 selected museums, who elected to work with Northfield Eco Centre in Birmingham, to do a baseline assessment of all the sites to see, by using green technology, how much money could be shaved off their annual bills and also reduce their carbon footprint.

The Green Knowledge Café event enabled the 13 museums to get together for the first time since they had their assessments done and all were taken through their individual and collective action plans to help them move forward…

Read more here: A refreshing time at the Green Knowledge Café.

Ruth, Administrator and Green Champion!


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