My favourite object… #2

The first in the ‘my favourite object’ series was Mary Elizabeth’s harp. In this next installment our retail assistant (and volunteer House Elf!) Rebecca takes a closer look at a rather fine painting…
“Like Ruth, my favorite item can also be found in the Drawing Room and it is the first thing you can see through the door.
The portrait was painted by John Morley, in 1972. The artist first painted the composition of the gates, then painted Lady Alice in the Great Hall.
I believe it captures the romantic notion of being a Lady of Charlecote and captures the elegance of the estate.
But for me it is more about the subject of the portrait than the actual painting. Lady Alice is one of the important ladies of Charlecote, she was the wife of the 5th Baronet Sir Brian Fulke Ramsay-Fairfax-Lucy and the mother of the current 6th Baronet Sir Edmund. When the family handed the property over to the National Trust in 1946, Lady Alice became the property historian and helped to reinstate the interiors to the way Lady Mary Elizabeth designed them. She even created the first Guidebook for the property.
Lady Alice was also an author of many books including “Charlecote and The Lucys” (1958) and wrote the introduction for “Mistress of Charlecote – The Memoirs of Mary Elizabeth Lucy 1803-1889″.
Even after her death in 1993, we still refer to her notes of the property which are safely guarded by her son.
The portrait reminds me that behind every beautiful image is a person with a story and Lady Alice’s story is just as important. We owe as much to her as we do to Lady Mary Elizabeth.”
Rebecca, Retail Assistant

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