Charlecote Lambs and a very talented young photographer

We are really lucky to have a wonderful team of volunteers at Charlecote. They help us with every aspect of running the property and we literally wouldn’t be able to open the doors with out them!

Last month we recruited our newest and youngest volunteer to the Park and Garden team. His name is Alex and he is six years old.

Alex is one of our new official volunteer photographers and he has started visiting Charlecote with his father, Kieran to take photographs that we can use on our website and posters.

 Kieran and Alex visited us in Polo field recently to take some photos of our new lambs. These are Alex’s first photos…

Today I went to see the Charlecote Park lambs.  I saw 2 new born lambs that were 1 hour old. They were really cute.  I watched them run super-fast.  I lay on the grass and  took some photographs.

 Alex S-M (aged 6)”




Alex S-M - Lambs

As a ‘thank you’ to our volunteers we try to offer special events and opportunities to see a bit more of our work. This week we took a small group to see the lambs in polo field. Our Administrator – Ruth, armed with a camera took some short film sequences. The first of which you can see below…

Lisa, Park and Garden Manager


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