Rewiring update and a spot of filming

A few weeks ago we were joined by some of our regional marketing colleagues who were undergoing some film training. They were learning how to create and edit short films and needed some gunniea pigs! With the prospect of some short films to use, we were more than happy to lend a hand and be interviewed.

One of our team of House Elves, Michelle, took up the gauntlet and gave the team a tour of the house. She explained where we are at with the rewire….

All of our rooms are now open to visitors. Some are still underwraps but most are getting back to their usual set up. The Drawing Room which was filled with furniture under dust sheets is now back to its golden glory. All of the furniture stored here is back in the Library and Dining Room. The main rooms still affected are two (of the three) upstairs bedrooms. These are chocked full of crates but we’ve some interpretation panels to explain what is there for any inquisitive visitors!

Downstairs the billiard room still houses crates of books and the trinkets from the Library and Dining Room. We can’t put those bits back quite yet as the team are focusing on putting the books back on the shelves in the Library. This is quite a laborious task.

  1. The House Elves have to find the crates that contain the books that were on each particular shelf.
  2. Each book is laid out in order on a table. As they were packed away a bit of paper was slipped in each book with a number on it. This ensure that each book goes back in the exact order it was before.
  3. Once we know all the books are there one of the elves will go up the ladder and another will pass each individual book to them.

It can take all day to do around 4 shelves. And there are many shelves in our library. Approximately one third of the books are now back in place. Many of our visitors are enjoying the chance to see the team at work and taking the opportunity to ask lots of questions!

Why not pop along* and see how we are doing with our unpacking? For more info have a look on our website or give us a call.

* You can, of course, take advantage of our free entry weekend on 20/21 April!


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