Where is your Special Place?

Is Charlecote your special place? It is certainly one of mine!

We’re currently appealing for all of our supporters to share their special places in our latest project. All of our places are cared for forever, for every one and we know that each are special in their own way. But what is it that makes you special place unique to you? Is it the place you fell in love or where you discovered a new hobby? Perhaps the place you remember visiting as a youngster or a place you’re visit to create memories for your own young ones?

I have two very special places other than the lovely Charlecote

©National Trust Images/John Millar

©National Trust Images/John Millar

The special place where I first discovered my passion for heritage was Cragside in Northumberland. I visited on a school trip when in primary school. We learnt about the estate and the industrious Victorian magician – Lord Armstrong. But I’ll never forget the moment an alarm was set off by class rebel when he stepped across a roped barrier!  How we giggled. Of course, now I am allowed to go beyond the rope barriers as a member of staff and I always feel a little giddy inside as I do so!

My other special place is a bit of a gushy one. Dunster Castle… It a true fairytale castle to me as it is where I met and fell in love with my husband.

My fairytale castle... ©National Trust Images/Arnhel de Serra

My fairytale castle… ©National Trust Images/Arnhel de Serra

But where are your special places? We’d love to hear of them, especially if Charlecote is your own special place. Please share them on the facebook page here. You can always tweet them and use the #specialplaces tag. Need inspiration? Why not watch this video? There are a few familiar faces…

Ruth, Administrator


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