Behind the scenes jobs… Benches!

If you visited us in the past month or so you may have seen some of our lovely new benches? They provide some much needed resting stops around the park as you explore and they are positioned in places to capture particularly special views. Our benches were made at another National Trust place here in the Midlands – Dudmaston Estate.

Our park team have been helping to get them in place – before testing them out!

2013.03_benches (1)

But that’s not the only thing we’ve been doing in the past week with our benches…


Here you can see Ashley, Carol and Graham and making the most of the snowy weather by staying in a warmed green house to begin painting our metal benches.

The benches have started to deteriorate over the past few years and the team are giving them a new lease of life!

They are sanding down the metal work and preparing them ready for painting over the next few weeks. Where possible we’ll always reuse what we can before going to buy anything new.

Paul, Gardener


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