Agatha Christie and Charlecote

Did you see the ITV documentary  Perspectives with David Suchet ? The first episode in this series was about Agatha Christie. We were watching with interest and were pleasantly surprised to get a glimpse of this wonderful photograph…

Lucy family with Agatha Christie

The photograph shows Agatha (centre) with some of the Lucy family of Charlecote. It was taken around 1910 on Torquay Pier. Agatha was born and raised in Torquay and would frequently rollerskate along the pier as well as bathing in the sea and generally enjoying the high-life in the beautiful English Rivera. In her autobiography she says:

“Roller-skating on the pier was a pastime much in vogue. The surface of the pier was extremely rough, and you fell down a good deal, but it was great fun…. The people I used to meet there were the Lucys.”

“They more or less taught me to stand up on my skates, and I loved it. They were, I think, one of the nicest families I have ever known. They came from Warwickshire, and the family’s beautiful house, Charlecote, had belonged to Berkley Lucy’s uncle.”

Agatha could well have been a Mistress of Charlecote as she had been betrothed to one of our own Lucy gentlemen – Reginald.  It is said that Reggie proposed to Agatha whilst out walking on Torquay golf course! Clearly it didn’t quiet work out as on Christmas Eve in 1914 she wed Archibald Christie.

For more information on Agatha Christie see the website here or visit her beautiful home, Greenway, where our National Trust colleagues can tell you much more!



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