Greening Museums

energy outreach NTPL David levensonIt was just over a year ago that we first blogged about Charlecote going green and about our newly formed ‘Green Group’ who are championing change. Well the latest news is that we are teaming up with 12 other museums and heritage sites in the West Midlands in a special project aimed at improving our environmental credentials.

The ‘Reducing Bills’ – Green Museums is a project being led by Warwickshire County Council Museum Developement Officer, Glynis Powell. She is supported by an intern, Tiffany, and specialist input from contractors such as Northfield EcoCentre. Together they are working with 13 sites which include The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Rugby Museum and Art Gallery, Compton Verney and recent Green Tourism award winners – Chedham’s Yard.

The first part of our green journey was an initial site visit by Glynis, Tiffany and Stuart from Northfield EcoCentre. It was a very useful first meeting and I had the great pleasure of showing off Charlecote! We toured most of the site – including climbing to the top of the Gatehouse and braving the cellar to see the boiler! Stuart had a thermal camera so we’re looking forward to seeing what interesting images he took. You can find out a bit more about this on the Greening Museums blog…

Greening Museums #11 – Charlecote Park: Last Thursday, the 28th of February, was my last day of visiting museums, and once again it was an interesting experience, as we were visiting two very different sites on the same day. Our first visit was to Charlecote Park…

If you’re interested in improving your own environmental performance, check out some of the resources available here. We’d love to hear any hints, tips or advice you have too.

Ruth, Green Champion


3 thoughts on “Greening Museums

  1. Sounds great! I think you might have meant a thermal camera though – not sure how a “georthermal camera” would work! 🙂

    Insulating historic properties can be tricky (I know: I live in a solid walled Victorian flat in a conservation area) and I assume that getting microgeneration such as solar PV on the roof is tricky for you as well.
    I’m glad to hear folk like you are tackling these issues – we’ll be watching with interest!

    • Oops! You are correct, it was a thermal camera! This is precisely the reason we’re so glad to be working with the great people at NorthfieldEco who know their stuff. We’re hopeful we can learn a lot from them to make some real changes here at Charlecote.

      Solar PV certainly would be tricky for us here, but wouldn’t it be great to use the Rivers Avon and Dene to generate energy? Dunster Castle in Somerset has PV panels creating energy for them. There is some extra information on our places with green energy sources here >

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