Name our beer!

Brew HouseCharlecote’s brewhouse has mostly 18th century brewing equipment, water pumps, coppers and stalls. It is a typical brew-house of a well-ordered English country estate during late 18th century. They equipment was used to brew beer for the household until early 20th century. Although we can no longer use the equipment that is here we are currently working on a project to make the outbuildings feel full of life again. much as we have in our Victorian Kitchens.

The Brewhouse, Charlecote Park, Warwickshire 16/04/2011One of the first things we are doing is working with Warwickshire-based Tunnel Brewery. The team at the brewery will not only provide us with a set of three special Charlecote Park beers, but will also support tastings and events in the Brew House a little further down the line.

But for now, we could really do with some help from you. We’re looking for names for our three beers!

The photograph below shows an example of a set of beers designed by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, who came up with three names for their beers and the artwork for their labels (Tottering Otter, Tipsy Toad and Special Shrew).   The Tunnel Brewery beers were then matched to the stories associated with each of the names.


We’d like your help to come up with three stories which can inspire the new Charlecote beers, and the imagery which will go with them…

You can be as imaginative and creative as possible, as long as the story behind the name fits with Charlecote.   As an example, at Chatsworth their Gardener’s Tap beer tells the story of how the gardeners discovered the location of the pipes which ran from the brew house to the main house, which they then tapped for their own secret use!

 Here are some ideas for starters:

 Elizabeth I or Good Queen Bess:        Elizabeth I staying at Charlecote in 1572, when she would have tasted Charlecote beer

Deer Stalker:        Shakespeare being caught poaching at Charlecote in 1583

Old Pike:        The origins of the Lucy name and the first Sir Thomas Lucy’s pride in his family’s long descent.  Justice Shallow in the Merry Wives of Windsor, who Shakespeare is rumoured to have based on Sir Thomas, is referred to as ‘the old pike’.

What names/stories can you come up with? Please get in touch with your suggestions by emailing or on our Facebook page. There might be a nice beer-themed prize for the best suggestions…


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