Keeping busy… despite the weather!

On Sunday we were joined by the wonderful Coventry and Warwick Volunteers. They are a group of around 25 volunteers who spend a day a month at one of the local National Trust places. This month was our turn and they spent the day helping us to finish the beds in the Tea Garden. The area was totally transformed when they finished. We can’t wait to start planting the hundreds of new plants that will be going into this area soon!

Coventry & Warwickshire NT Volunteers at work!

Coventry & Warwickshire NT Volunteers at work!

croquet borderThe garden team have also been really busy getting the nursery ready for our most ambitious planting to date. This year we will be growing over 8000 new plants for the garden! Hannah our passport trainee has been busy getting the Croquet borders ready for replanting by extending all of the original borders and preparing the new beds.

Tree planting in the park

Tree planting in the park

Hannah and our volunteer trainee Jason have also been out in the park for some training on tree planting and management with myself and Nick. Between them they planted our third Oak tree and completed the tree guard. They have also been over to visit David Austin roses for a days training in professional rose pruning and will be heading down to the parterre next week to practice their new pruning techniques


The team from Sibbasbridge builders have now arrived on site and have already made a great start on the Ha-ha.  They will be working with us for the next month cleaning and preparing the wall ready for re-pointing. We have also had a platform built at the end of the Ha-ha so that our visitors can walk out over the wall and see some of the restoration work that is now happening in the park.

Lisa, Park & Garden Manager


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