Charlecote at 4am…

You may have read our earlier blog about a very special event we were hosting. So what does the world look like at the magical time of 4am? We found out a few weeks ago when Charlecote hosted a ‘4am Project’ meeting!


One of the younger members of the group, 14 year old photographer Phoebe, tells us more…

“At 4am on 2nd February 2013 a group of 21 people met at the National Trust’s Charlecote Park to take photos, me being one of them. I initially heard about the 4am project when my dad, Sasha Taylor organiser of the Warwick 4am projects, asked me to come along as he thought it would be a fun experience. And it is really amazing to be awake at such a special hour but I must admit after a hard week at school, waking up at two in the morning wasn’t something I really wanted to do…


Early morning photographers at Charlecote Park (Sasha Taylor)

Although I have been to Charlecote Park many times as it my local National Trust place, it was really interesting to see the house and the grounds in the dark, lit up with a pure white light. The silence of the group and wildlife made it slightly spooky as you wandered, searching for a perfect photo. It was eerily quiet, hardly any birds singing. But I know there is a herd of deer which patrol the grounds so it was quite strange to look out into the blackness and there to be a possibility that a deer was standing in it, unseen.

It may have been very cold, and I may have been quite tired but it was definitely a place for new learning skills. I saw Charlecote Park in unfamiliar way and will probably never look at it again like I did before. We were given the rare opportunity to climb to the top of the viewing arch (Gatehouse) which is usually not usually open to the public. At the top were two domed shaped turrets with gold sphere’s that reflected the house light to make them glow. The moon was in the perfect position just behind it creating a magical photo. The lovely lady, Lisa -, who woke up at such an early time to let us in, had to keep running in front of the light to keep it on as us photographers weren’t moving enough.


In the dark I took photos of things I had never even seen before. I had a particular interest in the moss patches growing on the stone as the thin leaves stood out in the bright light behind.

I’m very excited to see what other people took photos of as I love to see people’s different views of the same place. It will be interesting to see the difference between my photos and theirs. Obviously theirs will be a lot better quality and overall a lot better but I hope I can learn from their photos.”


Spooky… by Linda Scannell

The photographers have been sharing their images on flickr and there really are some stunning shots. Take a look at them here.

Our thanks to the group for coming to see us and for sharing with the world the magic of Charlecote!


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