In Remembrance of Capability Brown…

‘Capability’ Brown is responsible for creating many of our much loved landscapes. He is highly regarded as a master gardener. If you were in the area a few years ago, you might have visited local art gallery Compton Verney and seen their exhibition on his landscapes of Middle England. We were thrilled to have been included in that exhibition and loaned our painting of George Lucy to the gallery for the exhibition.

George Lucy commissioned Brown to make changes to the Park

George Lucy commissioned Brown to undertake some work here at Charlecote. It was around 1750 when Brown was visiting the nearby Packington that we believe he also visited Charlecote. We think this because a very rough drawing of our house and grounds appears on the back of one of Browns Packington designs!

On 29 September 1757, one of the housekeepers, Mrs Hayes wrote ‘Mr Brown began to make alterations upon Wellesborn Brook’. This was done to create a new cascade where it met the Avon. In August 1758 Brown was paid £36 for his initial work at Charlecote. He went on to fill in ponds and raise the north lawn to create beautiful views – we still enjoy these views today.

In just a few years time 2016, there are great plans to mark the 300th anniversary of his birth. But today, we remember a more solemn day, the date he died in 1783. Read more on the Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown Blog, but in the mean time here is just a very short extract to whet your appetite…

“Read on if you will, for a nutshell sized account of this man and his final appointment.On the sixth of February, 1783, Brown found himself preparing to face his maker at the Mayfair home of his daughter Bridget, the home she shared with husband…” In Remembrance of Capability Brown – February 1783


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