How far can one tweet reach?

In January 2013 we were announced as the National Trust’s blog of the month! This was quite an accolade and meant that our colleagues and friends at our head office promoted our blog on the website as well as social media. As part of this, we were asked to send them a ‘quirky’ image of Charlecote that they could use. We thought for a while and scratched our heads…

What about….?

Feb 2010

Or perhaps…?


But we eventually decided on a photo that never fails to raise a smile. Dodo, one of our Charlecote cats showing us who really runs the place here.

Pentax Digital Camera

From this appearance online Dodo was soon being seen across the world! Using some of the free social media analytical tools this photo of Dodo has been seen by 12,570 people on twitter in 5 days. [View the story “Dodo around the world…” on Storify]

13.01 Blog of the month_1

He appeared on facebook….

Copy of NT Dodo

…and twitter…

Copy of Larry and Dodo

…where he was seen by the cat at Number 10 Downing Street!

Larry took quite  a shine to Dodo and shared his photo with his 26,000+ friends!

So how far can one tweet reach? It seems that it can go really quite far indeed!

Ruth, Property Administrator


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