Hello Treacle…

In ‘The Orangery Restaurant’ at Charlecote Park we are very lucky to have a skilled chef who makes a fantastic selection of cakes and treats for us, using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Such cakes and treats that are created from scratch include Chocolate cornflake cakes, Rocky Road (a mixture of marshmallows, chocolate and cherries), Scones, Jam rings and mince pies to name but a few. However one cake causing a lot of interest at the moment is the handmade treacle flapjack, which we have had a lot of positive feedback about. (Especially from the property office where they get the warm off-cuts!) It’s with this in mind I’m pleased to say I’ve persuaded the chef to pass on the recipe that she uses, so you can try and make your very own at home!

The Orangery is looking very wintry at the moment!

The Orangery is looking very wintry at the moment!

Please do bear in mind though, we have to cater for a lot of hungry visitors at Charlecote so our recipe actually makes 64 portions! So rather than me chopping and changing it, I’ve simply left the recipe as we use it in the kitchens, leaving you at home to experiment and alter as you see fit.

Happy Baking!

IMGP0169p.s. It would be lovely to have some feedback on how you got on baking your own treacle flapjacks, may be you added some extra items to the ingredients or cooked them for a party or the family. Why not take some pictures and add them to the Charlecote Park facebook page or Twitter account?

Paul, Assistant Catering Manager

Recipe for Treacle Flapjacks

Please not this recipe will make 64 portions and is taken directly from the kitchens of Charlecote Park! So please do adjust and monitor as you see fit with regards temperatures, quantity etc.


2.532kg Oats

1.81 kg Butter

1.81 kg Soft brown sugar

450g Golden Syrup


  1. Weigh out the butter, golden syrup and sugar and place in a large saucepan. Place on to a gentle heat and melt together until it forms bubbling syrup.
  2. Weigh out the oats and add to the syrup mixture (that has been removed from the heat source) then make sure all the ingredients are mixed together thoroughly.
  3. Spread into two greased and lined baking trays. Cook for roughly 13 minutes on heat of 180 oc
  4. Leave to cool then cut into what you deem as an appropriate size.
  5. Starting eating, goes well with a hot chocolate or a warming cup of coffee.



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