Looking back on 2012… with a cup of tea!

Orangery cupcakes2012 has been quite a year for the catering team here at Charlecote Park; we have helped to feed hungry theatre goers, served jubilee cupcakes during the patriotic summer, rubbed shoulders with Dame Judi Dench and Nick Knowles, fed and watered cross country runners and car rally enthusiasts, hosted a selection of evening parties and gatherings, kept the volunteers in good supply of cake and of course, served all the customers that visit Charlecote. All from our three units – The Orangery, Catering Cabin and the Refreshment kiosk. However don’t just take our word for it, here to highlight this point are a few catering statistics for you:-

  • We sold 7,937 bowls of soup that were made from scratch in the Orangery, each soup is ½ pint meaning we served roughly 3,969 pints of soup ranging from leek and potato to tomato and basil!
  • 12,751 sandwiches were sold to hungry customers, from sausage and egg to cheese and chutney. When you look at this closer that means that 25,502 slices of bread were buttered and used!
  • Ssconecones, which are one of the staples of any national trust tea rooms, hit an impressive sales figure of 6,578 individual scones, the clear winner of the cake sales. The recipe that we use for the scones can be found on our website here.
  • All of the main meals here at Charlecote are prepared from scratch using, where possible, locally sourced ingredients from local producers and suppliers. We have served a wide variation of meals throughout the year such as Charlecote Park venison casserole, chicken and ham pie, roast chicken breast salad, cous-cous stuffed peppers and vegetable stilton crumble. In total we served an impressive 8,301 main meals
  • In a recent survey done in America people were asked,  “What do you associate with Britain?”
    The list consisted of habits, traits and individuals such as shaking hands, stiff upper lip and Winston Churchill. Also high on the list was an “obsession with tea” which is highlighted and proved with our next stat as we sold 27,581 pots of tea! This easily beat coffee sales (including cappuccino and latté) but its still not to be sniffed at, reaching sales of 24,686 individual coffee.
  • With a rather wet year ice cream sales were a bit lacking but Magnum came out on top with sales of 892 followed by twisters with 573 sales.
  • And finally, 4,608 packets of crisps were sold throughout the year, which is a lot of potatoes!
The Orangery at Charlecote

The Orangery at Charlecote

Looking ahead 2013 promises to be an exciting year for both the catering team and Charlecote Park in general but for now may we take this opportunity to wish all visitors, volunteers and fellow staff a very happy, healthy and successful new year.

Paul, Assistant Catering Manager


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