Tea Garden Makeover

A few months back we had a blog from our WRAGs trainee, Shirley, introducing herself. Well in her latest post here she tells us a bit about what she has been working on here at Charlecote…

Work is in progress to transform the tea garden over the next few months into an inviting and relaxing area. Having had quite a few different uses over the years the plan for this little garden is to fill it with flowers and herbs suitable for cutting and to give lots of colour and scent.

Hard working volunteers at work!
Borders have been redesigned to bring the garden closer to the visitors and to provide secluded seating areas. So watch over the next few weeks as the transformation gradually takes place.

Shirley, WRAGS trainee

Tea Garden - in development!

  • This is Shirley’s end of year project and she will be responsible for the new layout. Shirley is also selecting some new and interesting seeds and plants for us to grow next year. A lot of the development is linked to produce we can use in our Victorian Kitchen so look out for some of these fresh ingredients being used on site in the future!


The tea garden at the moment on a wintry frosty morning...

The tea garden at the moment on a wintry frosty morning…



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