On this day… 1823 (Arriving at Charlecote)

It was on this day in 1823 that Mary Elizabeth first set eyes on her new home – Charlecote Park…

‘ It was dusk when we drove through the Park gate and there was a torch light procession of the tenantry drawn up by the old gateway to welcome us, and many were on the flat leaden roof with flambeaux in their hands to cheer and hurrah us as we passed underneath. The church bells were ringing forth their merry peals and the house blazed with  lights from every window. The domestics all marshalled in the Great Hall to receive, and have a look at, their young mistress; how shy I did feel with all their eyes upon me and how glad I was to escape upstairs, and how I longed for the morning when I might walk all about and see every hole and corner of my new home. It was very different then to what it is now and the Great Hall did indeed look as it might have in Shakespeare’s time, with its old worn paved floor, its small panes of glass in its large oriel window, and every window frame creaking and rattling with every gust of wind; and so cold – oh the cold! No hot air then as now, no beautiful garden in the court – only a few large beds with shrubs and old-fashioned flowers. I soon caused my husband to let me root them all up, and I planned the present one, which is such a pleasure to me.’

Mistress of Charlecote: The Mrmoirs of Mary Elizabeth Lucy 1803 – 1889


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