Westminster Abbey

Did you watch the BBC 2 programme on Westminster Abbey on Friday (7 December)? We were particularly excited to watch it as it was only a few months ago that we were there celebrating the life of one of the National Trust founders – Octavia Hill.

Whilst reading back through the memoirs of Mary Elizabeth Lucy we came across this relevant passage too. Our own Mistress of Charlecote visited the Abbey for a grand wedding in 1881…

‘On the 29th June 1881, I went to London for Lord Brooke’s marriage to Miss Maynard. The wedding was to take place in Westminster Abbey with full choral service. I hired a nice brougham and started at half past two o’clock for the Abbey. When I arrived the nave was densely filled and the whole of the Abbey was thronged with spectators, but a broad pathway was railed off for the invited guests and for the bridal procession so that not the slightest inconvenience was occasioned by the throng. The sight in the Abbey was truly granted and one not easily to be forgotten’ Mistress of Charlecote: Memoirs of Mary Elizabeth Lucy 1823 – 1899


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