A wet weekend… Park flooded!

As part of the High Level Stewardship scheme, the Park and Garden team intend to sow wild flowers in Places Meadow. To facilitate this, strips of grass were sprayed with a herbicide to kill the grass and thus enable the seeds, when sown, to establish themselves before the grass recovers.


Simon, the Park Warden, intended sowing the wild flower seeds in early November but this was delayed as the initial wet weather in the month left the ground water logged, which is not conducive to successful seeding. As some of the wild flower seeds need a period of frost to properly germinate, it was hoped that sowing could be carried out later in November.


Well, even the best laid plans go array, and they certainly have with the recent heavy rains causing further delay. You can see the current situation in Places Meadow in the photograph (taken from Hill Park and looking across places Meadow to Hampton Lucy church); it is completely flooded. To put this into context, look at the fenceposts in the foreground, there is approximately 3 feet of post showing above the water, but the fenceposts are actually 6 feet tall!

For more photos of the flooding have a look at our facebook page.

We are all keeping our fingers crossed for the rain to stop, the water to subside and seed sowing to progress. Watch this space!

John, Park volunteer



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