Travel: Charlecote Park

We do love hearing about your visits to Charlecote Park and seeing your photographs too! It is lovely to find out what it is that gets your attention and your favourite bits of the day. Here’s another blog post from of of you – our visitors! Written earlier in the season here is a great post from Lola…

I haven’t really traveled all over the world, having visited only two countries: the one I was born in and the one I live in now. I regret not visiting the rich and diverse places in my country of origin (and my continent) when I had the chance, but I was only a child and my parents were not huge fans of traveling.

I figure that now that I have the chance to travel and see the U.K, I might as well do it. Who knows what the future will bring? With the remaining money I had on me, I visited Charlecote Park today. It’s situated in the West Midlands, in Charlecote and it’s a part of the National Trust: sites in the U.K that are preserved because of their historical value.

It was beautiful! The society might have… Read more > Travel: Charlecote Park.


As mentioned above, we’re always interested in your feedback – both good and…not so good! As we’re continually striving to be better at what we do. If you’ve a spare few moments and you’ve visited us recently, why not help us by completing our online survey? You might even be lucky enough to win a short break in one of the National Trust holiday cottages too!


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