Under new management…

On Saturday our annual general meeting took place in Swindon. It is an important day which includes debates, formal business and discussion. There is always a chance to meet other members, staff and volunteers as well as opportunities to have a look at displays in our Heelis HQ.

The day was special for another reason. It was the day our wonderful Director General stepped down from her role and we all said farewell to Fiona Reynolds.

Fiona has been with the NT for 12 years and is no stranger to properties. She was keen to get out and speak with the teams and really is a very motivational speaker. I was always enraptured by her talks at our regional conferences, her passion for the work of the National Trust is obvious! Emily went along to the Midlands farewell event held for Fiona a few months ago, you can read her account of the day here.

Fiona is very highly thought of and our team in our Heelis HQ even took to the medium of music to show their appreciation…! Today we welcome our new DG, Dame Helen Ghosh, who we are very much looking forward to meeting and working under her leadership. So best of luck in your new role, Helen, when will we be seeing you at Charlecote?

Ruth, Administrator


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