Carry on fencing… the next installment!

In my last blog about renewing the second of three stock fences, I mentioned that it was unlikely that we would undertake the renewal of the third section this calendar year due to the risk of it not being completed before tupping commences. How wrong I was!
Nick, the assistant Park Warden, had a discussion with Simon, the Park Warden, and convinced him that he and his superb team of park and garden volunteers (I am assuming this is what was said!!!) would have no trouble whatsoever in completing the third section by the end of October. And Simon agreed. Well thanks, Nick, we were looking for an easy end to the month… Only kidding!

The third section of stock fence, that separates Polo 1 from Polo 2, is 89 metres long and runs along even ground. This enabled us to just use a box strainer at each end of the run and to tension the fence in one go. So after the first long section and the second section across uneven ground, which both had to have intermediate box strainers and be tensioned in two goes, the third section was relatively easy.

The fence line with all the old posts removed and the new posts lying along the line

Of course, the experience afforded by the first two sections also helped enormously and enabled us to complete easily before the end of October.

…the new fence posts in place…


To put the renewal of the stock fencing into context I have shown a representation of Polo field in the diagram below (not to scale). This includes the three new sections completed recently and another section (Fence 4) that was completed in 2011.

John, Park Volunteer