Autumn is upon us…

With Autumn and its accompanying leaf fall pretty much upon us now and we have been considering how to deal with all the leaves. In the last couple of years we’ve taken the leaves we have collected for burning at the fire pit. But we have realised that this is wasting a potential valuable resource!

Building and fencing…again!

To convert the fallen leaves into valuable leaf mould we need to compost the leaves so we have been building some composting bins in Polo field. Reusing old fence posts and stock netting we’ve built two bins to contain the leaves.

The leaf mould will be used to help mulch areas in the garden such as the Long Border  and the Woodland area.

We’re also busy taking some Autumn photographs. We will head to the same spot each week and take a photo so we can get a sequence of images to capture the changes nature brings. To see these just head to our facebook page. Please do share some of your own seasonal photos there too, we love to see your photos from visits to Charlecote.

Graham, Garden volunteer


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