Things that go bump in the park… Spooky Charlecote!

With Hallowe’en fast approaching we’ve noticed quite a few spooky goings on here at Charlecote. Not only are items disappearing and moving around in the house (ok, perhaps this is our hard working house elves…) but we’ve got some creepy critters appearing around the house too!

 This half term we’ve a number of different activities going on for you to get involved with.

We’re running our pumpkin trail all week. You can get a trail sheet from our reception building or the shop for £2. Follow the clues to find the pumpkins hiding around the estate and if you succeed, you’ll get to take home a pumpkin of your own.

Our deer park safaris are running on some of the half term holiday dates. They’re all fully booked now as they are ever so popular. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Just going on a short wander through the park you are very likely to spot some of our heard. They were relaxing around the orchard just a few days ago. An excellent place to spot the deer is on our bridge over the River Dene. We’d love to see your photos if you get any good ones – please do share them on our facebook page or tweet us with the tag #DeerSafari.


If you do venture into the house (which is open every day of half term except Thurs) don’t get too much of a fright. It is looking very different at the moment but that is all down to our House Elves preparing for the up-coming electrical rewire work. You can still have a good look around and find out more about how the house is cared for whilst also trying to find all of our cuddly critters!

And don’t forget to pop into the restaurant. There are some spooky treats to be had…


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