Carry on fencing

It has been “carry on fencing” for the Park and Garden team during the last couple of weeks in which they have renewed the second phase of stock fencing in Polo field.

The section renewed this time is the 105 metre length mentioned in the previous fencing blog. This is the stretch of fence that separates Polo 2 area from Polo 3 area.

The fence line here is slightly trickier because in this part of Polo field the ground inclines upwards for half its length and then levels out for the other half (or is level then inclines downwards depending upon which way you are facing!).

This fence was constructed in the same way as the first section, as we shared on a blog post earlier this month.  Although it may have just been possible to tension this length of fence on level ground by using a box strainer at each end of the run, it was definitely not possible in this case due to the uneven terrain. To overcome this, in addition to the single box strainers at each end of the run, the team built a double box strainer at the junction where the inclined ground meets the level ground and then tensioned the fence in two parts: the inclined part and the level part.

1. This photos show the fence line looking uphill after the old fence had been removed…

The third section of fence, the 89 metre length that separates Polo 1 area from Polo 2 area, is unlikely to be renewed this calendar year because tupping is due to start in early November and the Park Warden can’t risk this work being incomplete at the start date as all three fenced areas in Polo field are required.

Tupping is putting the Charlecote rams in with the ewes so the mate to produce next year’s lambs. We have 3 rams, Hector, Henry and Major Mustard who will each serve a third of our ewes and we need to keep the rams apart during this process, hence the three areas of Polo field are required.

John, Park Volunteer