Packing up the house continues…

At this time of year our house elves are usually gearing up to get prepared for ‘putting the house to bed’ and the big winter clean. Instead we’ve been packing up and moving furniture about in readiness for our electrical rewiring work. It won’t be long now that the electricians will be moving in to start their work…

In this post, we thought that we’d share some photographs of the rooms as they are at the moment. We’re still open to visitors which gives you the chance to see all of the work that goes into caring for an historic house. Many of our visitors have been very intrigued and impressed to see this work in progress.

The Dining Room table has been moved and carpets rolled up, but we’ll need some help with the big items!

The Library has around 3,500 volumes which ALL have to be wrapped and packed away

In the coming weeks, we’ll be moving some of the larger marble tables in our Dining Room as well as the huge screen. It is too much for us to move ourselves so a specialist company will be coming to help!

The Drawing Room might be undercover but there is still plenty to keep our visitors interested!

W’ll post more update in the coming months so do keep checking back [click to ‘follow this blog’ – just a bit further up the page, on the right!] or visit our facebook page to be amongst the first to know!

Ruth, Administrator


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