A walk to Compton Verney …

Have you heard about the Great British Walk? Here at the National Trust we are celebrating the outdoors with our walking festival that launched last month. You will no doubt see lots of walking themed events happening at your local National Trust places.

There is a rather lovely walk not on site here technically but it is still one of our favourites. It is between Charlecote and the nearby Compton Verney. Although now an art gallery with a ‘Capability’ Brown landscape surrounding, Compton Verney has some significant historical links to Charlecote…

 Photos of Compton Verney, Stratford-upon-Avon
This photo of Compton Verney is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Our Victorian Mistress of Charlecote, Mary Elizabeth Lucy, regularly visited the mansion at Compton Verney. In her memoirs there are many references to these visits with her younger sister, Miggy…

In April (1824) we went to Compton Verney, Lord Willoughby de Broke’s house, taking Miggy, and spent two pleasant days. The old Lord did his best to entertain us. Miggy thought the place charming and inferred that she would rather like to be its mistress” p. 37

Mary Elizabeth Lucy
/ NTPL Derrick E Witty

Mary Elizabeth saw in the New Year at Compton Verney 1828/29. It wasn’t too long after that young Miggy did indeed become Compton Verney’s mistress! She married Lord Willoughby de Broke on 3 March 1829 and this gave Mary Elizabeth many more opportunities to visit the neighbouring estate. Only a year later, on 28 November 1830, Mary Elizabeth and her husband, George, were staying at Compton when their second son, Henry Spencer, was born!

Miggy (or Margaret Willoughby de Broke) rests in the chapel at Compton Verney.

If you wish to walk the route between Compton and Charlecote download the map from the highlighted link below. There are bus links between the two places if you wish to leave your car. Please do check the bus times with the relevant bus companies before you set off though! Oh and it goes without saying, both places offer a very good tea room and a visit if you have the chance.


You can also buy a copy of the ‘Mistress of Charlecote: The memoirs of Mary Elizabeth Lucy 1803 – 1889’ here in our shop.


2 thoughts on “A walk to Compton Verney …

  1. I wonder if a copy of the Charlecote to Compton Verney walk mentioned here could be emailed to me. The site link for the download is asking me to join and pay a fee to download and print off the route which I find unacceptable from a NT link especially as the walk is published jointly by the Nt and Warwickshire Council.

    • Thanks for your feedback David. We weren’t aware of this charge to download (to the best of our knowledge this download fee from scribd wasn’t in place at the time of writing this post back in 2012). I’ll get a map emailed to you asap!

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