Re-wiring project… The offices!

If you’ve read our previous posts about the carpet being rolled in our library, you’ll be aware that we’re undergoing some rewiring work on the property. Well, September sees our offices getting some attention from the electricians.

We have had to vacate our desks, empty our cupboards, divert telephone lines, move equipment and find a temporary home whilst the work is being carried out. Our retail manager, Lauren has a small workspace in the stock room, the park and garden guys are all in with the photocopier and the rest of us are hiding up in the old Gun Room until we get the all clear!

There is never a good time to carry out such major works on a property like Charlecote as we are open* all year round. We’re working hard to minimise disruption to our visitors but do ask for your understanding and patience if we take a little longer to respond to telephone and email enquiries at this time.

Once the offices have been completed the electricians will be moving around to the main house. There will undoubtedly be changes to the house whilst this work is being carried out. It will look a little different for a while but we’re making the most of this!

Our temporary office in the gun room…

 Before the work can be carried out we will have to pack away some items for safe keeping. This has already begun to take place and our house elves have many, many meters of tissue and bubble wrap and hundreds of boxes! Some items will be kept out on display in the house so you can have a closer look. At the moment we’re running a poll on our facebook page to find out what items people want to see.

We have our book conservator, Caroline Bendix, here this week packing up the delicate books in the Library. Where possible we will always keep the rooms open and accessible when this work is being carried out so that people can see the work as it progresses. It is a large and daunting project, but exciting too!

* Our park and restaurant are open every day except 24, 25 December. For the house opening times, see our website.


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