Deer Sanctuary…

We’re supported in all areas of our work by a dedicated team of volunteers. In this post, Park Volunteer, John updates us on a recent area that the team have been working in…

Recently we have been installing new signage along the public footpath and around the deer sanctuary. The 18 new footpath signs have disctinctive yellow caps on the posts and standard marker arrows. These show even more clearly the footpath route that must be followed by members of the public crossing the park. It is important that people adhere to the footpath as deer management, which includes shooting, often takes place and to deviate from the footpath could be dangerous!

As West Park is currently open to visitors to Charlecote Park, the 10 new signs now more clearly show the area set aside for the deer sanctuary. Being wild animals, the deer sometimes get skittish with excessive human contact and it is essential an area is provided where the deer can seek sanctuary to prevent them becoming too stressed. Visitors should not enter the deer sanctuary.

The deer often rub themselves against these signs so the posts have to be buried metre into the ground, which take considerable time by hand! At Charlecote we now have a new auger which makes light work of making these metre deep holes. The auger fits on to the back of the tractor and drills into the earth. The posts are inserted and the removed earth is then tamped back into the hole around the post.

Nick busy in the park!

We’ve recorded a short video showing the auger in action…

John, Park Volunteer


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