Weaning the sheep!

We separated our lambs from their mothers yesterday to allow weaning to take place. Lambing takes place out of doors in April and May and this means that we have to put the ewes to the ram in November. The ewes lose condition producing milk to support the lambs and weaning has to take place a couple of months before mating to allow the sheep to gain condition and achieve maximum fertility.

The sheep were put through the handling race and the lambs separated or “shed” from the ewes.  The ewes were then put through the race for a second time to allow us to carry out routine foot trimming.  The sheep race is in Polo Field on the southern edge of WestPark and the ewes were taken by trailer to Places Meadow in order that they are out of sight and sound of the lambs which have remained in Polo.

Why not have a look on our YouTube Channel to watch some video taken in the park during the lambing season?

Simon, Park Warden

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