Place your votes now… Library reshuffle!

We’re having a bit of a shuffle about in the house at the moment! Due to some electrical rewiring that will be taking place soon we’re going to be packing up a lot of the books, paintings and furniture that is in our Dining Room & Library.

This is quite exciting as we’ve the opportunity to show you some of the items up close when we store them in some of our other rooms. But what would you like to see?

Let us know by visiting our facebook page and placing your vote here…

The library during the winter clean…

We’ve never had to empty rooms quite like this before so there is lots of preparation being done at the moment. Some of the smaller items from the library have already been packed up as well as items from the drawing room and billiard room. SO if you think the rooms look a little different but can’t quite put your finger on why, this is probably what it is!

On Thursday (30August), we’ll be lifting and rolling the carpet in the library! It should be quite a treat if you’re visiting. Some real conservation in action with all of our house elves involved, as well as our conservator and the National Trust’s furniture advisor! We need to look at the wooden floor to see if there are any access hatches or floorboards that can be raised to help the electricians with their work. The room will be closed for access on this day but the doors will remain open so you can see what we’re doing. The carpet will not go back down until next year but we will return the furniture to its normal positions.

Julie, House Steward


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