Major Mustard needs a home!

Have you been to any of our Children’s Club activities yet? If you have, you may have heard about our latest competition to design a home for Major Mustard.

Major Mustard is one of our rams. He has super-curly horns and he lives here at Charlecote with his famous flock of Jacob sheep.

Artist Rachel Carter is going to be creating a sculpture in our woodland garden and it is inspired by our Jacob Sheep. Our competition will Rachel to design the sculpture. We would like our young visitors to think about what house would Major Mustard live in and put their design on paper. Entry forms can be picked up from our Visitor Reception building at the entrance to the property and also at our shop. We’re accepting entries over the next few weeks and can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Majors Competition


2 thoughts on “Major Mustard needs a home!

  1. hello we are pennibach jacobs. and we believe that this ram is a previous ram of ours,as we sold him in Worcester in 2011.and would like to know how hes getting on.

    • Thanks for posting your comment. I spoke to Simon, our warden, who said;

      “We bought Owlscote Harpus Henry at Worcester in 2011.From his pedigree certificate I believe this is the ram you are referring to. Henry is fine although possibly getting a bit arthritic. We began tupping with him again last week.”

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