Electric fishing, Pretty butterflies and a new house for Major Mustard!

Another busy few weeks in the park and garden with lots going on!

The team from The Environment Agency was with us on Thursday to do a little electric fishing on the Dene. They use a small electric current to temporarily stun the fish so that they can survey what is living in our river. This will tell us what the water quality and habitat is like and then we can look at ways to manage and improve it.

The second meeting of the Charlecote Bee Club went really well. We currently have 6 volunteers who are training to be beekeepers at Charlecote. They have been checking the hives and making sure our new bees (we now have 5 hives) are settling in well.

Keeping buzz-y: Our volunteer bee keepers

West Park is now open again – if you are planning a visit to Charlecote then this area is well worth a visit. It is one of my favourite sections of the park because you get to see some fantastic views of the house as well as our beautiful Fallow deer does and their young fawns. Our lovely Jacob sheep are also roaming about with their lambs, I have also been really busy getting ready for our first Children’s club.

Tomorrow we will be running a ‘Monster moths and beautiful butterflies’ workshop. So I have been making large tissue paper flowers, trying out our new moth trap, decorating butterflies and moths, potting up lavender plants and, best of all washing one of our Jacob sheep fleeces and dying it different colours ready for the felt butterfly making (my little dog ‘Piggie’ was especially keen to help with this!). The workshop runs as part of our Charlecote Children’s Club activities from 12noon – 4pm.

My helpful dog!

We have also launched our new children’s competition ‘if a sheep lived in a house, what would it look like?’.  We are working with the very talented Rachel Carter who will be helping us to build a sculptural willow play area in the woodland garden and we would very much like some of our younger visitors to help us design it. The designs should be inspired by one of our most handsome rams ‘Major Mustard’ so if you have a budding young designer or artist in the house please do visit us and pick up an application form.

And finally as a small thank you to the team for working so hard we sent them out for a day trip to Woburn Abbey to see their deer collection and learn about how they manage their deer. I think that you can see from their happy faces that they had a really nice day!

Lisa, Park & Garden Manager


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