Costume Talks at Charlecote

One of the things we regularly receive positive feedback about is our costume talks. Or more specifically our wonderful costume talkers – the volunteers!

Our walks and talks volunteers offer a variety of FREE talks on a daily basis. The talks on offer varies depending on who is available. They include park walks, welcome talks, carriage talks and the ever so popular costume talks.

Let me tell you a little about the costume talks…

In our great hall you will find 2 costumed mannequins. These are dressed in reproduction Tudor costume. The reconstructed costume is intended for use as an educational resource to explain the material, construction and social history of dress for a well-to-do woman in late Tudor England. This costume is based on that of Joyce Acton.

So who is Joyce Acton?
The Lucy family has been at Charlecote since the late twelfth century, the present house’s earliest parts date from the time of the first Sir Thomas Lucy. In 1546, he married the young heiress Joyce Acton and set about using her money to modernise his estate. As well as replacing the old medieval house with one of the first great Elizabethan houses, he changed the surrounding landscape, cutting down trees and establishing a deer park.

How do we know that she wore this style of clothing?
This clothing is based on a variety of sources including documentary evidence, pictorial evidence, archaeological evidence and, primarily, an effigy of Joyce Acton (1533 to 1595/96) in the church at Charlecote. The church is often open to visitors so if you are coming to us for a talk, do pop in to the church if you have time!

To find out more – come along for one of the talks!

We have 6 ladies who deliver these talks for us. Each have a wealth of knowledge and they don’t follow a script so each person has created their own unique talk. Rest assured, the facts remain the same!
All are entertaining and educational. They’re not too long either – usually lasting around 20 minutes or so.
They take place on most days the house is open (Fri – Tues) at 12.30, 1.30 and 2.30.


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