The day our house elves met Harry Potter…

As we’re about to head into a summer with additional opening, events and (hopefully) lots of visitors our House Elves (and me!) decided that there was no better time to all book a day off and do something fun together. The fun activity of choice was a trip to the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour!

This was a visit that was planned in our own time and we all took annual leave so we could go as a group. We didn’t really expect that it could end up being relevant to our own roles…

The whole visitor experience from beginning to end was magical. The staff we came in to contact with were all smiley and friendly, and we had a very warm welcome from the car park team on arrival.

House Elves at Hogwarts

We drew some parallels to our own place of work. Standing in the queue to go through at our alloted time, we reflected on the behind the scenes conservation work that must go on. We were told in our introductory talk that we were to stand behind the barrier and not touch the sets. Thousands of people go through these sets and the studios are working to preserve them so they look at their best for all of their visitors… sound familiar?! We wondered if they might want any additional help with their daily clean on set – our house elves are very well trained!

Putting on our ‘visitor experience’ hats we made full use of the interactives, guides and facilities. Although a day off for us all, we took the chance to enhance our understanding of large visitor attractions and how they are managed… tasting the butterbeer obviously an important part of that too!

Some people may be disappointed to see work going on during their visit to the studio, but we were enthralled when we saw what we believed to be ‘conservation in action’! A real chance to see how its done in the movies.

‘Thank you for your patience whilst we make improvements to the visitor experience’

Ruth, Administrator


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