A Varied Job

One thing I really like about my job as retail manager here at Charlecote Park is that no day is really the same and there are lots of excuses to get out and about in the sunshine (when it occasionally does appear) and really enjoy the exceptional surroundings we work in. One thing I thought I would never do as a Retail Manager is have the opportunity to drive one of the gators which the Park and Garden team use to get around our vast area of park land.

But it’s actually really very handy for ferrying my deliveries around the property. The nature of the paths and roads here mean that it’s not easy for the bigger vehicles which deliver our stock to get to us, and can mean a lot of heavy lifting and carrying. Therefore when it was suggested by Lisa (Park and Garden manager) to me to be trained to use both of the gators on site (pictured here) it has actually proven to be very useful and time efficient, as well as a lot of fun! It only took a couple of short lessons and practices, but I can be seen kangaroo-driving around the property on occasion and I know the restaurant find it really useful to use too.

So there you go, another insight into a Retail Managers daily routine and I bet you didn’t expect that!

Lauren, Retail Manager


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