National Youth Folklore Troupe… at Charlecote!

NYFTE at Charlecote

Yesterday we were joined by sunshine(!) and a large group of young folk dancers. They are all part of NYFTE (National Youth Folklore Troupe of England) and come from all over the country. We had dancers, singers and musicians from Dorset up to the North West – apparantly the Skipton contingent were unable to make it this year… All of the dancers and their families showed great dedication. They get together several times a year and put of performances around the country. Most recently they’ve been to festivals in Evesham, performed in Stratford Upon Avon and, of course, visited us!

It was a lovely bonus for our visitors to see the performances. Many people commented on how much the enjoyed it – especially seeing the talent and enthusiasm of the performers.

If you missed them, here is a video of them performing (although not at Charlecote I’m afraid!).

We’re very grateful to NYFTE for entertaining us and our many visitors – you even managed to get the sun shining! Thank you and well done to you all!


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