Diary of a House Elf #2

Ever wondered what volunteer House Elves get up to? Are you interested in joining the team? Read on to find out what one conservation volunteer thinks about her time as a Charlecote Elf.

Jenny Elf

“I started volunteering at Charlecote as a conservation volunteer last July, and really enjoyed my time there, so much so that I have recently started a Conservation and Engagement internship at a different property within the trust! 

Volunteering with the house team was a really enjoyable experience. It allowed me to develop an understanding for preventive conservation, and get involved in the different projects around the property. 

On a weekly basis during the open season, I would help the house team prepare the house by cleaning the visitor route, and opening the house ready for visitors. Then during the afternoons we would work on different projects, which varied from inventory marking plates in the kitchen, writing condition reports on Victorian silk damask curtains, or sorting through the attics!

During the winter, I helped the house team in the deep winter clean of the house. This involved cleaning all objects in the house and writing condition reports for them, and then covering them over. This was a great opportunity to work with a huge variety of different objects in the house, and learn about the different ways to care for the collection.

Jenny with her ‘thank you’ cake on her last day with us…

The variety of work that I helped with made my time at Charlecote very enjoyable, and encouraged me to look to more opportunities in the area. Working with the house team at Charlecote was a wonderful experience, and one that I would recommend to anybody with an interest in helping to care for historic places, and looking for a new opportunity doing something a little bit different!”

We wish Jenny the best of luck in her National Trust career and hope to catch up on the gossip when we all meet again at various training courses!

Julie, House Steward


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