Here today, scone tomorrow!

The Orangery Restaurant at Charlecote

In the Orangery Restaurant here at Charlecote Park we always aim to sell the freshest cakes which we either make ourselves here in the kitchen or purchase in from our local supplier – Fatherson Bakeries.

Here some of the staff members have chosen there favourite cakes and tell you why……

Nick – “I think my favourite cake would have to be the millionaire’s shortbread. The whole cake is very tasty, with a nice big layer of caramel between the thick chocolate and biscuit base.”

Nicola – “Home made flapjack is my favourite. Its one of the items we make here at Charlecote and when it’s just out of the oven….its very easy to eat more then one!”


Charlotte – “Chocolate fudge brownie – I like to have it with a Americano as I like the way the sweet chocolate fudge topping contrasts with the bitter coffee……the view out of the window adds to the whole experience too!”

Paul – “Nice big slice of lemon cake always goes down well. Or some of the all butter shortbread goes rather nicely with a hot chocolate – basically you can dip it in chunk at a time.”

Also available is toffee slice (Editors note – this is my personal favourite!), along with coffee and chocolate cake and the traditional favourite of theVictoria sponge. However by far the favourite sold here at Charlecote is the scones that are made fresh every morning! On some days we can sell up too 100 scones, which when you combine with clotted cream, pot of jam and a cracking view of the parkland you can understand why they go down so well.

Delicious treats!

If you wanted to have a go at home recreating the scones we sell at Charlecote every day then here is the very recipe needed! [Just be warned – this is for a LARGE batch of scones. We have recently uploaded the domestic recipe to make a smaller batch on our website]

Charlecote Park Scones


  • 2.77kg self raising flour
  • 6 tea spoons salt
  • 12 tea spoons baking powder
  • 650g soft margarine
  • 400g caster sugar
  • 650g sultanas
  • Milk to bind


1. Weigh out flour and place in a mixing bowl. Add salt and baking powder and mix together.

2. Weigh out soft margarine and add to flour. Use the ‘rubbing in method’ to combine marg into the flour.

3. Weigh out the sugar add to mix and stir in.

4. Weigh out sultanas and add to mix and stir

5. Gradually add milk in order to bind the mixture, (add table spoon at a time, to prevent the mixture getting too sticky). Eventually you are aiming to create soft dough, which is ready to roll out

6. Remove dough; roll out to about an inch thick. Use large round counter – should make around 54 scones.

7. Cook for around 15mins on 180c then dust with icing sugar

 (For plain scones, just leave out sultanas)

Should always be served with pot of fresh clotted cream, jam and butter for the maximum taste enjoyment!

 Trouble shooting

If you’re having difficulty in making the scones then follow this easy step…….
Pop along to Charlecote Park and try ours! We are open seven days a week 10.30am until 5pm!

Paul, Assistant Catering Manager


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