Conservation volunteering

Have you ever visited a National Trust house and wondered who the people are that care for it? Who is it that actually polishes the fine floors and furniture? You may have been fortunate to see some ‘conservation in action’ during your visits to our places and talk with the people who do these jobs. Hopefully this blog will give you an insight into the work that goes on once the house is closed. Our ‘diary of a house elf’ will fill you in with some of the stories about house when it ‘sleeps’.

Here at Charlecote we have a great team who care for our house – they include Julie, Sharon, Judith, Sam and Kiran. They all work really hard to keep the house and outbuildings looking spick and span for our visitors. But with longer opening hours and a desire to show visitors what we do (such as ‘conservation in action’ demonstrations) we do need a few more pairs of hands!

Volunteers get to go behind the ropes!

We are supported by a small but mighty team of conservation volunteers. Some help us for particularly big projects such as book cleaning, and others help us on a regular basis picking up the daily tasks which are vital to ensure we’re opening the house at 11am!

It was only a year ago that we recruited our first conservation volunteers – and we’ve not looked back! We really couldn’t do it without them now. Of the initial recruits, a number have now left us…

Volunteer Jenny has left us to take up a new role at Attingham Park!

…but not because they haven’t enjoyed their time with us. Quite the opposite. Many have enjoyed it so much, that it gave them the drive, experience and knowledge to secure jobs in conservation! We are very pleased and proud of our volunteers… but now we need more!

Conservation Volunteering is a bit different to many of the other roles we have on offer. Primarily because it is so hands on and therefore requires a certain about of fitness and a steady hand (no dropping antique vases please!). If you think you might be interested, find out more about by reading our role profile and personal specification here. For more information, drop us an email ( and we’ll get right back to you!


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