Pashley Cycles at Charlecote Park

On Sunday 3rd June, the day of our Jubilee ‘picnic’ (you’ll remember that one, its the day when it rained and rained!) we were joined by Pashley Cycles. You may also have seen them featured on BBC1’s Countryfile on Sunday?

Pashley Cycles is Englands longest establish bicycle manufacturer, founded in 1926. And they’re our neighbours, being based in nearby Stratford Upon Avon. 

A very special event had been arranged by the Traditional Bicycle shop and the Pashley team. They gathered together a group of Pashley enthusiasts who dressed up in period appropriate costume and cycled out from Stratford to Charlecote and back again on a 14 mile route.

It was quite a sight to see the bicycles coming streaming down the path towards our Gatehouse. Quite a treat for our visitors too. Especially as their arrival was perfectly timed for a group from the University of Warwick entering the park! All of the cyclists were very friendly and a few were posing for photographs with visitors.

The group were treated to colourful cupcakes and a drink before getting back on their bikes.They has a lovely lunch awaiting them when they returned to Stratford – somewhat soggier than they were when they set off that morning though!


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