Judi Dench is visiting soon…will you?

 As much as we enjoyed the Jubilee Celebratiosn, now that they are done and dusted, we’re looking ahead to our next big event – the National Garden Scheme’s 85th Birthday Celebrations.

On June 16th we’re hosting a very special event. It has been 85 years since the NGS charity started opening gardens and raising money. The NGS raise money through entrance fees on special open days and this goes towards …

Charlecote was one of the gardens which first opened in 1927 and so we are marking the anniversary. We will be having all sorts going on, from sheep shearing to talks with music and  games being played on the lawns.

We are honoured to be joined by Dame Judi Dench too! She’s presenting some special awards to local garden owners who have been opening as part of the NGS scheme. She knows Charlecote well, she is a former resident of our village with family who have worked at the park! We hope that she is looking forward to returning.

Do come along and join us. There is so much going on, including classic cars, beekeepers and plant workshops for children. Entry is free if you are a National Trust member (you can join up as a member on the day if you wish) and is £5 for adults and £2.50 for childen to enter the gardens.

If you can’t make it but would like to follow some of the highlights of the day – why not follow us on twitter? We’ll be sharing updates and news throughout the event as will the Warwickshire NGS.


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